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The Open and New Era: Capping Off Your Outfit In Style

When it comes to headwear, few companies come close to the reputation of New Era. Now, thanks to an all-new partnership with The Open, fans of golf’s oldest and most prestigious Championship are being given access to the brand’s finest headwear, perfect for all seasons.

Tracing its history back to the 1920s, New Era helped pioneer and perfect the modern baseball cap, and the company continues to use its famous 22-step process to make each hat as special as the last. Over the years, New Era’s prestige and reliability earned it partnerships with the major leagues of American sports, creating long-lasting collaborations with some of the world’s biggest sports teams, which continue to this day.

New Era’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence makes it the perfect partner for The Open, and you’ll see its brilliance through our exclusive, high-performance range, which gives you a fantastic selection of headwear that will stay on-trend for years to come.